D​​Debra Gottlieb​​DEBRA GOTTLIEB, ​TH.D.

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Shalom ​שלום

Debra Gottlieb. ​Teacher. Educator. Prophetic Voice. 
Debra’s contributions to Ministry include Teaching and Training on:
•    The Supernatural and Miraculous
•    Prophets and Prophecy--Functions and Operations
•    The New Millennium Apostle--Apostolic Operations
•    Hebraic Studies, Israel and the Jewish Connection, and Holocaust Theology

Debra was raised at the base of the Rocky Mountains in the beautiful state of Colorado. 

She grew up in the Foursquare Denomination, led worship in a Southern Baptist Church, and studied at a Mennonite college.  She was later introduced to different theological streams while serving in United States Air Force Chaplaincy.  

After marrying her Jewish husband in 1980, Debra converted to Judaism, and together they raised their daughter in the Jewish Faith.  In 1993, her husband came to know Jesus, a very important Jew.

Debra's teaching gift, as well as her advanced degrees in theology, have enabled her to develop and redact theological curriculum for accredited degree programs in the graduate Master and Doctoral disciplines.  She has mentored Doctoral students, as well as anyone who has a passion for the scriptures and theology.  Debra has taken her training program around the globe. 

Debra has served as a Pastor of a non-Denominational Church, and as the Dean of a Bible College in Pensacola, Florida.  She developed an online Bible training program which is used around the globe today.  

She has served in the United States Air Force, and is certified by Gemological Institute of America as a Graduate Gemologist

Debra is married to Aryea Gottlieb who retired from the United States Air Force.  They have one daughter, Brandy Rose Gottlieb.